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24-November-2011: Important Petitions, un petit effort

I'd like to ask a small favor: Below are two petitions that GameFAQs contributors would like to see implemented on GameFAQs. The first concerns a short and personal contributor URL (such as The second petition requests that contributors gain insight in how many recommendations their work has gotten. Right now, contributors can only see hits. If you could sign these petitions, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Petition #1: Personal Contributor URL
Petition #2: Insight in recommendations

Thanks everyone, and keep in touch on facebook!


10-September-2010: Back in Holland
Well, Japan was amazing. We went from Fukuoka (a city in the southern region) to Hiroshima, Kurashiki, Kyoto and finally Tokyo. It was a blast and words cannot describe the Japanese culture enough. Got myself a nice Red XIII figurine, sang karaoke, climbed the island of Miyajima (the island of gods), and what stays in the end are the unforgettable memories.

So what's next? I'm currently planning my next project, Fallout New Vegas. Considering the size of the game, I'm looking for someone to help me with some minor additions. If you're interested in helping hundreds of thousands of people, please send an email to: and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I also have plans to re-design this website and make it a place where several prolific FAQ writers will eventually team up to create top-notch, text-based strategy guides (for GameFAQs/the internet). Are you interested in working with such a team? Then too, please send an email to Places are limited, so please provide a link of your best work.

I've also set up a facebook page after several requests, see above.

Cheers, Steve

10-April-2010: Hurts Good
Just a quick, dirty post on a new favorite band of mine called Hurts. I've even set up a super quick 'n dirty page with all their material.

Hurts has risen from the ashes of their former band Daggers and now consists of only two members: Theo Hutchcraft (vocals) and Adam Anderson (keyboard, synthesizers). They ranked fourth in the BBC's Sound of 2010. Especially check out Wonderful Life.

No other news at this time.



18-March-2010: Escapism
The Escapist published an article yesterday on the subject FAQ writers, in which I'm featured. If you're interested in the FAQ writing community you might find it an interesting read.

[Update: Link now refers correctly]



25-February-2010: Official Final Fantasy XIII Guide
I'm glad to announce that the official Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide has been developed by Piggyback and is being released in both the U.S. and Europe.

I've worked with Piggyback on this project and it was an amazing experience to build such an extensive book with such a professional and experienced team. Check out Piggyback's Website to especially admire the polished hardcover edition of the book. Will you be pre-ordering your copy in advance? The book hits the shelves on March 09, 2010.



26-January-2010: Refunds Processed
All refunds have been sent out a few weeks ago and should have been processed by now. Questions can be forwarded to

Will the work we've done so far be released in the near future? I haven't decided yet. Check back for an update regarding related artwork posters, which we might release exclusively in the shop for a very limited time (such as one month only). Artwork you might see featured are the five WEAPONs, the Midgar Zolom, an overview of all our small artwork, and Knights of the Round.


01-January-2010: Seventh Heaven Cancelled
First of all, best wishes to everyone. Secondly, a few days ago I've decided to cancel the Seventh Heaven project. The main reason is that there simply weren't enough pre-orders for the project to break even. It's quite sad that it can no longer be continued, but alas.

Everyone will get a refund in the coming month. Some people have already been refunded, but it all depends on when you have pre-ordered.

Apologies for the letdown and inconvenience.


02-November-2009: Seventh Heaven Update
Hey everyone, check out our Seventh Heaven Shop to view the new fancy previews (just click the book), to read the new update, and perhaps secure your own pre-order copy!

Also check out the Uncharted 2 Guide at and if you hadn't already. More guides coming soon. I think.



20-October-2009: Just an update
My Dissidia Guide has won FAQ of the Month. In the meantime I've been working on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, for which the text walkthrough has been completed today.

With many things going on, it's time to give everyone an update on Seventh Heaven. The anticipated book is currently scheduled to come out early 2010. We've still got several things to do and I'll definitely post a whole lot of previews in November and December. Don't hold your breath just yet, and thanks for everyone's confidence and patience.



24-August-2009: Dissidia, Seventh Heaven Update
The Dissidia guide has been in the making for a little while now, and gets its (partial) release on GameFAQs today in anticipation of the game's release tomorrow in the US. The Walkthrough will obviously take priority over other sections. I'm particularly fond of the ASCII logo myself, but that might only be as I spent quite a little while on it..

The Seventh Heaven shop has had another update (check the blog on there), and a preview of eleven items has been added as well. The final product contains hundreds pieces of colorful artwork, so that should be a blast for the eye!



01-August-2009: Get Teased Again!
It's been a few weeks since I last updated this page, but our shop has been updated several times already, and at least four new previews have been added today - this very moment, including a page on the Midgar Zolom and three amazing pieces of WEAPON artwork.

Here's a Direct Link To The Previews.

Again, big thanks to all who have pre-ordered so far or are planning to do so [and remember, when in doubt about anything, feel free to email us]. See you all next update!


12-July-2009: Updated Teaser + New Teaser
We've updated Teaser #3 which is starting to take a form - even though it's still a concept. And, as promised, here is Teaser #4 as well. Next week we'll give you a teaser of a different section we've been working on.

If you haven't visited the shop yet, feel free to drop by and have a look; Perhaps even pre-order our Seventh Heaven Guide already to ensure that you're one of the first to get it.

Thank you everybody for their continued support,


P.S. Here's the FFXIII Primer Guide again.

10-July-2009: Enter the Seventh Heaven!
Big news. We've baptised our guide Seventh Heaven!

Furthermore, we've set up our Brand New Webshop and are now taking pre-orders for the guide! (Yeah, the shop needs a little customizing - I'll get to that soon).

Thank you everybody for their support. We hope that those who voted in the poll will place their pre-orders as well. We've kept shipping as low as possible and we hope people find it acceptable in its current state.




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