Great Glacier Map by shadow666
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Places of InterestPickups
1•Main Entrance/Exit
•If you take the left then right route while snowboarding, you land here
A•Elixir (in cave). Note: You can get infinite of this as long as you don't press Circle when the text pops up. You can walk out of the cave, then return to pick it up again. Repeat for infinite Elixirs.
2•Side Exit
•If you take the right route twice while snowboarding, you land here
B•Mind Source
3•If you take the left route twice while snowboarding, you land hereC•Potion
4•If you take the right then left route while snowboarding, you land hereD•Safety Bit (in cave)
5•Hot Springs. You must touch these to fight SnowE•"Added Cut" materia (On second pathway) [Picture].
6•Snow's cave. If you've touched the hot springs she will attack when you talk to her, defeat her and she drops the Alexander Materia.F•"All" materia (in cave)
7•Spinning snowfield. Place markers to keep track of your directions during snowstorms.
8•Holzoff's Cabin, you wake up here if you pass out. Gaea's Cliff is to the north.

Can I return to the glacier?

Yes. You can return directly to the glacier using a green or better chocobo, or later in the game you can snowboard back down from Icicle Inn again.
What you cannot do is go past the glacier and climb Gaea's Cliff. Somebody is always quick to correct this on the boards, assuming that because they could go back to the glacier they could climb the cliff again too. You can't. Don't bother trying. Holzoff will stop you from going past his cabin.

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